Hang out with us for the Most Memorable New Product Launches of 2012

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It’s never been more difficult to launch a new product. Consumers are more fragmented than ever.  With 40,000 products launched each year, how can marketers make sure their launch will stand out?

Join us in this Google+ Hangout with brand experts from the 11th Annual Most Memorable New Product Launches who will share how they leveraged earned, owned and paid media spend to create a launch that captivated consumers and led to incredible sales.

Launch Expert and Author, Julie Hall, Behavioral Research Expert Aaron Reid, and moderator the Founder of The CMO Club Pete Krainik and brand representatives from Taco Bell, Pepsi, and McDonald’s will talk about the 2012 Most memorable new Product Launch findings, like:

  • How “Men Are The New Women’ on Madison Avenue
  • Why “Made in the USA” is more important than ever
  • How social media may not be considered “earned media” anymore
  • Don’t launch your new product in an election year, and
  • A look back on the best launches of the past decade what marketers can learn from them

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