About Us

Celebrating its twelfth year, the annual Most Memorable New Product Launch survey is conducted by Schneider Associates and Sentient Decision Science. The study fields responses from consumers across the nation about product launches from the past year that they consider the most memorable, reveals key purchasing and behavioral trends, studies sources of new product information and looks at consumer media consumption. The survey results have been published in Brandweek, USA Today, Forbes.com, The New York Times Media Decoder blog, and at MediaPost.com. For more information about this year’s results and past surveys, please visit www.mmnpl.com.

Schneider Associates is a full service public relations firm that specializes in Launch Public Relations®. Schneider Associates launches products, services, companies, and communities for clients ranging from entrepreneurial firms to the nation’s largest corporations. www.schneiderpr.com and www.launchpr.com

Sentient Decision Science, LLC was created to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to the business community in a practical and accessible format in order to move global business forward. Sentient’s mission is to become the most sought after resource for behavioral insight by providing unrivaled business advantage to their clients and advancing human knowledge on the drivers of behavior. www.sentientdecisionscience.com

If you would like to suggest a product for the list, please send an e-mail to launch@schneiderpr.com

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Rory Ramsden says:

    The most memorable new product launch must be either the iphone 4 or Avatar. Aside from being awesome products, they built buzz and excitement in the market place and exceeded sales expectations as a result

    • mmnpl says:

      While both were monumental launches, the iPhone 4 was not included in the survey due to the fact it was a line extension, and Avatar being a movie first, is not technically a “product” by our survey standards. The Top Ten is coming soon, though!

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