Product Launch Marketing: One is greater than 360

October 24, 2013


They say good things come to those who wait, and in the world of gaming, nothing holds truer. Nearly eight years after the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft launched its plans to release the brand new Xbox One this November. To call this device a gaming console would be an injustice, as it sports dozens of new interactive features that are sure to change home entertainment forever.

The sleek new design is complete with controllers and an updated version of Kinect to capture 1080p high-definition video, as well as improved body detection and recognition for interactive games and commands. While the main focus of the Xbox has been gaming since its release in 2001, Microsoft is now emphasizing the entertainment capabilities of the device. The One will be compatible with cable boxes, allowing gamers to watch TV through the device and also provides users with TV listings and personalized suggestions. Additionally, the console will have the ability to function while running applications such as Skype and Internet Explorer simultaneously. So theoretically, you can watch the big game and Skype with your friend halfway across the country as if he or she were in the room with you. The One will also include several remote capabilities, such as voice control and Microsoft’s Smartglass technology that will allow users to control the device through their phones or tablets.

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A New Dimension of Entertainment

July 16, 2010

With the introduction of groundbreaking 3D technology promoted with highly creative experiential marketing, one brand of TVs is changing the way the world experiences both entertainment and marketing. Even before James Cameron’s movie, Avatar, forever raised the public’s expectations on the entertainment value of 3D visual media, manufacturers were feverishly working to replicate the 3D experience in the home. So who was the first-to-market? Entertainment technophiles know it was Samsung, a brand that has recently been relentless in developing and releasing new technologies before its competitors.

To introduce this innovative and mesmerizing new product line in early March, Samsung hosted a global launch event in Times Square. Avatar producer James Cameron made an appearance to promote the technology, and DreamWorks’ CEO Jeffery Katzenberg announced the next phase of the strategic alliance between the two companies, including putting the Shrek film series on 3D Blu-ray. The Times Square event featured a performance by the Black Eyed Peas, which was filmed in 3D and made available exclusively to Samsung customers.

In addition to the Times Square launch, Samsung also engineered two high profile experiential events to demonstrate category leadership. They created a stunning viral video of 3D projection mapping (over 1 million Youtube views) that debuted in Amsterdam and showed animation that was so realistic, it looked like the historic building on which the video was being projected was crashing to the ground. Samsung also planned and executed a tremendous experiential event in Buenos Aries where 1,256 3D TVs showed amazing three dimensional footage and attracted throngs of people to see displays in different spots across the city.

These buzz generating events are backed by a multi-million dollar “dedicated to wonder” integrated marketing campaign that incorporated ads, social media and cinema advertising at highly-anticipated 3D movies, such as Pixar’s Toy Story 3. To enable consumer trial of the product, Samsung is implementing a national in-store merchandising program that features 5,000 3D kiosks. They are also promoting a “starter kit” to encourage early adopters, which includes two sets of 3D active glasses to watch DreamWorks’ Monsters vs. Aliens or Shrek.

Samsung’s high profile, high budget, memorable product launch is exactly the kind of marketing you would expect from a brand that is forging ahead of the competition. Is it possible for Samsung to achieve category dominance? Only time will tell. (Click here for more about Samsung’s 3D TV product)

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