Keeping life sexy

September 17, 2008

By Diana Sheehan
Mintel Research Consulting

Johnson & Johnson, with their KY brand, has helped to make what used to be closed bedroom door conversation into potential water cooler chatter. Through creative and entertaining advertising, plus products that are unique and effective, personal lubricant options have gone from taboo to woohoo!

K-Y Yours + Mine is a Duo Lubricant, which on one side releases Yours Lubricant (for him), providing an invigorating sensation and on the other end releases Mine Lubricant (for her), which is said to provide a thrilling sensation. This product claims to create a totally new experience when used together.

To support this “totally new experience,” KY is supporting the summer product launch with a funny and attention-grabbing ad campaign targeting both men and women. One ad example featured on Youtube:

The brand also has a website solely for the couples’ lubricant product – – where consumers can define what they think is sexy.

So the question is…could this be the most memorable new product of 2008. It could have potential…

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For the germaphobe in all of us

September 2, 2008

By Diana Sheehan

Mintel Research Consulting


Manufacturers have capitalized on Americans increasing fear of germs. Hand sanitizer has grown from a $27 million segment in 2002 to a nearly $80 million segment in 2006 according to Mintel’s US Soap, Bath and Shower Products report, released in August 2007. These types are meant to provide immediate benefit when soap and water just aren’t available.

Now, Johnson & Johnson are capitalizing on this emerging opportunity with the launch of its Neo to Go! line of products. The brand is offering a easy-to-carry Antiseptic Spray and Single-Use packets, both aimed at protecting people from those cuts and scrapes that happen outside of the home. On it’s website, the brand goes so far as to point out that “60% of scrapes and 40% of cuts occur outside the home.”

What makes this product line memorable isn’t just that it meets the immediate needs of consumers. Many products do that. These products, through their packaging, create usage occasions where Neosporin wouldn’t normally be able to play.

The brand has also very wisely used an innovative marketing campaign – both television and print – targeting parents, specifically moms. One ad that comes to mind has a group of moms at a park talking until one of their children gets a scraped knee. With a finger-circle, Neo to Go! spray comes to the rescue protecting the child from the risk of infection. This same messaging is used in print ads featured in popular parenting magazines. At the most basic level, every parent wants to protect their child any way possible. For just over $5.00, parents can gain the piece of mind to know that they are protecting their children from infections that can develop in scrapes and cuts. Any parent can tell you that piece of mind is worth much more than $5.00

This product line has all the right elements to be a success. Easy-to-understand uses, strong and consistent marketing messages, and a strong and trusted brand to serve as the foundation of the line. This will definitely be a product worth remembering in 2008.

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