Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty! leaves fans just that

July 2, 2013

Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts have always been a staple in the cupboards of kids and adults alike. With flavors like frosted strawberry, s’mores, and brown sugar cinnamon, Pop-Tarts managed to revolutionize the breakfast pastry market offering consumers a sweet, savory treat without trekking to a café. With Pop Tarts Gone Nutty!, Kellogg’s managed to capture the hearts of moms who want to send their kids off with a hot breakfast and the appetites of kids with two  new yummy flavors: peanut butter and frosted chocolate peanut butter.

“Peanut butter has long been the most requested flavor by our fans,” said Dick Podiak, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts. “We think everyone will agree it was worth the wait once they taste these delicious new varieties.”

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6 Key Learnings from the 2012 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey

March 7, 2013

Our EVP Julie Hall teamed up with Chief Behavioral Scientist of Sentient Decision Science Aaron Reid to share the results of the 2012 Most Memorable New Product Launch survey in a Google+ Hangout On Air. Since 2001, SA and Sentient Decision Science have conducted the survey to learn which product launches make lasting impressions with consumers and find key trend data on which marketing tactics are the most influential, where consumers are learning about new products and what product attributes are the most desirable. Here are some of the key takeaways from the hangout:

1. Avoid launching a new product during an election year: Sixty-seven percent (67%) of consumers surveyed could not recall a single new product launched in 2012. This is the second lowest recall rate of the decade, trumped only by the 69% unable to recall a new product launch in 2008—another election year. Repeated low recall rates during election years suggests that it is harder for brands to break through the proliferation of political ad clutter to gain consumer attention.

2. Political ads push new product ads from consumers minds: Respondents said that four out of the last ten commercials they could remember contained political messages. This shows that in an election year, consumers are less likely to recall new product ads, either because there are simply more political ads, or that the political ads make more of a lasting impression.

3. Domestically-made products are more popular than ever: “Made in The USA” was cited by 62% of consumers as influencing their purchasing decision, a five percent increase from two years ago.  “Made Locally” experienced a similar boost in influence, with 52% of respondents influenced by it, up from 48% in 2011 and 46% in 2010. MMNPL data from the past decade shows that attributes such as “Made in the USA”  spike in influence during presidential election years.

4. Amazon Kindle Fire still hot after nearly a year: Amazon’s Kindle Fire topped the Most Memorable New Product Launches list with 30% of surveyed consumers remembering the launch. Other products that made the top ten were Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco (#2, 18.8%), Tide Pods (#3, 15.6%), Pepsi Next (#4, 13%), Samsung Galaxy Note (#5, 11.7%), the all-new iPod Nano (#6, 10.6%), Nintendo’s Wii U (#7, 8.2%), Taco Bell Cantina Bowl (#8, 7.1%), Duncan Hines Frosting Creations (#9, 5.7%), and McDonadl’s Chicken McBites (#10, 4.9%).

5. Young & healthy at heart: Millenials are more concerned about product attributes such as high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, organic and low soidum than any other age bracket.

6. Dads are the new moms: More men are making household purchasing decisions than ever with 49% of  male respondents identifying themselves as the decision-makers. And increase of nearly ten percent since 2009.

To find out other key trends that emerged from our survey data, watch the video below. To download the 2012 MMNPL Data deck, click here.

Launch of the Week: Starbucks Refreshers

August 27, 2012

Starbucks has brewed up a new alternative to coffee or sugary energy drinks- Starbucks Refreshers. Made with green coffee extract, can these beverages give consumers the light afternoon buzz they crave? And will they be one of 2012’s Most Memorable New Product Launches?

MMNPL checks out iTouchless at NHS 2012

May 24, 2012

MMNPL’s Ashley DePaolo learns all about iTouchless’ line of touch-free toilet seats, trash cans and other products at the 2012 National Hardware Show.

Keep checking back here for more interviews and videos from NHS 2012.

What’s next for food marketers? More Migration Marketing.

May 14, 2012

What’s next for food marketers? More Migration Marketing.

Foodpreneur Dom Celentano interviews product launch expert Julie Hall about a continuing trend of migration marketing, where food brands and manufacturers create products for new consumer audiences and retail channels. Recent examples highlighted include QSR chains like IHOP and Olive Garden creating supermarket grocery products. The article discusses how for food marketers, brand and product positioning is essential.

Read more about the Migration Marketing trend.

Launch Expert Julie Hall Adds 5th “P” – Participation – to the Classic 4 P’s of Marketing

April 23, 2012

The Holmes Report featured an op-ed by Schneider Associates’ EVP and Launch Expert Julie Hall about how social media is changing the way we launch new products.

Hall and Schneider Associates introduced the Most Memorable New Product Launch (MMNPL) Survey in 2002, and since then, the poll has surveyed thousands of consumers about the most memorable product launches each year, analyzed media consumption and purchasing habits, and predicted trends based on the results.

Hall highlighted one significant change in this year’s MMNPL findings: “Facebook was nowhere near the top 10 sources of information about new products – and in the span of one year, it became the third most used source of information on new product launches, jumping from 17% to 40%. And this is just Facebook.”

Based on this and other findings, Hall coined the fifth P in the product marketer’s arsenal – Participation (the original four: product, price, promotion and place). Hall insists that consumers can be engaged by “Relationship Marketing,” which allows them to interact more closely with brands and products they love. Going forward, campaigns must consist of a blend of participatory marketing through various sources of old and new, traditional and social media marketing techniques in order to succeed.

Read the full article here.

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2011 MMNPL Product Preview: Chevy Volt

December 7, 2011

General Motor’s Chevrolet Volt may be one of the top contenders in this year’s MMNPL survey. The electric car with a gasoline engine not only stands out for its clever marketing campaign, but for its innovation as well. Check out our LaunchTV video below for more details on what makes the Chevy Volt’s campaign stand out.

Pop Up Good, Clean Fun With Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl

March 31, 2011

A product launch that we’re watching: Orville Redenbacher’s New Microwave Popcorn Pop Up Bowl. By using innovative marketing strategies and creating a solution to a common snack-time problem, this product is a possible entry for this year’s Most Memorable New Product Launch.

Microwave popcorn lovers everywhere are familiar with the icky buttery hands that result from reaching into the bottom of a microwave popcorn bag. Orville Redenbacher has launched an innovative packaging solution to produce a clean and enjoyable popcorn eating experience: the Pop Up Bowl, now available at Walmart. “This is the biggest thing to happen to popcorn in 25 years,” says Jesse Spungin, general manager at Orville Redenbacher. The new packaging, available in Ultimate Butter, Smart Pop, Movie Theater Butter and Butter, makes sharing a popcorn bag easy without the hassle of rinsing out a bowl when you’re done. So what’s all the buzz about? The bag transforms into a bowl while in the microwave, so the only clean up required is tossing the empty bowl. In a society that relies on convenience and efficiency, a clean, fun and user-friendly package is the perfect improvement to everyone’s favorite snack.

The new packaging was launched towards the beginning of Orville Redenbacher’s Pop & Win Instant Win Game. Specially marked boxes of popcorn contain popcorn bags with heat activated game messages that announce whether or not the bag is a winner. Winning bags contain a code to be entered online to redeem prizes that range from HDTVs and Wii consoles to games and digital cameras to grand prizes like a $10,000 Game Room Bundle or a $10,000 Home Theater Makeover.

Before the Pop Up Bowl launch in February, bloggers and Blissdom 2011 social media conference attendees were sent samples of the product to generate internet buzz. A large portion of the reviewers are moms who shared the popcorn bowl with their families. The FoodYouLove Youtube channel features a video demonstrating the convenience of the Pop Up Bowl as opposed to traditional bags of popcorn. A SmartSource $1 off printable coupon is circulating online, and The Orville Redenbacher Facebook page is also marketing the new product, emphasizing the easy cleanup and share-ability of the packaging. 

So far, reviewers are raving about the Pop Up Bowl. It has already been featured on The View’s blog as one of this year’s hottest food trends. With a no mess, easy to use package and faster preparation time, it’s a wonder this hasn’t been thought of before. The Pop Up Bowl is sure to be a revolutionary product that pushes the snack food industry to reconsider packaging as vital to product differentiation. Environmentalists will approve of the waste saved from using napkins. Clean, convenient, easy to eat – what’s not to love?

M&M’s Pretzel: An Old Favorite Appeals to a Different Palate with Launch of Salty-Sweet Pretzel Crunch

June 11, 2010

The snack mix bowl, a staple at all kinds of get-togethers, is never complete without pretzels and M&M’s. Now, snack mix aficionados and health conscious chocolate lovers can pick up a packet of the popular sweet and salty combination with 30 percent less fat than other leading chocolate snacks. That’s right; Mars Chocolate has once again rocked the chocolate-eating world with the launch of its latest product, M&M’s Pretzels.

The idea of putting a pretzel inside an M&M stemmed from “years of consumer focus groups” and the observation that “sweet and salty is very popular among fans of Mars’ products,” according to Mars rep Ryan Bowling. M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candies are part of a new lineup of “sweet and savory” products announced by Mars. Some other additions launching this year are Snickers Xtreme Bar and Dove Sugar Free Chocolates with Peanut Butter Crème.

The release of M&M’s Pretzels kicked off last week with a free concert in New York City featuring this year’s top 10 American Idol Finalists and a giant orange M&M stage (below). Performers included Idol winner Lee Dewyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox. This was the first, live, public concert for the American Idol stars, and also marks the start of their nationwide tour sponsored by M&M’s Pretzels.

The M&M’s Pretzel marketing campaign launches on June 14 with TV, print, and digital advertising (public relations by Weber Shandwick). With spots in magazines such as People and Us Weekly, the ad campaign will feature a frazzled M&M’s character looking at an X-Ray view of his inner pretzel. M&M’s Pretzel will also use their Facebook page to interact with consumers and generate buzz for the new product. Fans can use an interactive map to see where they can buy M&M’s Pretzel and see footage from the American Idol Tour.

The new addition to the M&M’s line-up is just the latest spin on the classic candy. The brand currently has a coconut, peanut butter, dark chocolate and almond version of M&M’s in addition to the standard milk chocolate and peanut. Mars said this campaign is one of its biggest launches in the past 10 years, and the company hopes for a sweet return from this new twist on the traditional.

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Launch Basics: What You Need to Do Every Time

May 20, 2010

“While the strategies and tactics used for each new product launch vary according to the nature of the product, the target audience, trends in the media, retail distribution and consumer lifestyles, certain bedrock principles are required for planning and executing every new product launch. Following these launch basics will put you on the path toward success.  Ignoring them will put your launch in peril, no matter how exciting or innovative your new product or service may be.

Tip 1: Assign someone who is strategic and creative to lead the launch team.

“Brand or product managers make the best launch team leaders. These are people who are passionate about the product and have a single-minded focus to make it successful.  Unlike people higher up in the corporate food chain, brand or product managers are focused on the task at hand. Good brand and product managers live the product every day and know how to get things done.  They also are more apt to have the requisite marketing expertise required to lead a launch, something CEOs and presidents often lack. If you’re a company leader and you think that you should lead the launch team, think again. There is too much riding on the outcome not to put someone in charge who can live, eat and breathe the launch.

“Our only caveat is to involve the CEO along the way in planning, as there is nothing worse than presenting a finalized launch plan the CEO doesn’t like and won’t support because he or she was not part of the process. In our experience, involving the CEO in key planning meetings creates the alignment necessary to ensure the launch plan is enthusiastically received. Also, avoid putting someone in charge of the launch team who is driven solely by sales figures. Launch is an art and a science. Numbers alone don’t always tell the whole story about what is happening during a launch. Someone interested only in sales figures may be apt to pull the plug too early on a launch if sales targets aren’t being met. You have to be able to look behind the sales numbers to really know what’s going on.

Look for a launch team leader who is skilled at:

  • Bringing people together from various marketing disciplines to produce an integrated campaign.
  • Communicating and reinforcing launch strategies and product messages so team members are consistent throughout the planning and implementation process.
  • Fostering innovation in launch strategies and tactics.
  • Generating enthusiasm, confidence and a can-do team spirit that will be required at critical moments.”

Read the other basic launch tips in chapter 3 of The NEW Launch Plan: 152 Tips, Tactics and Trends from the Most Memorable New Products. If you would like help planning your next launch, contact us at launch@schneiderpr.com or on Twitter @SchneiderPR